Highway Engineering


Photo of a dump truck pouring rock on to the roadHighway Engineering maintains and extends the life of Tulsa County roads and bridges. The department's work includes pothole repairs, drainage maintenance, bridge inspections, right-of-way tree trimming and mowing and preventative maintenance on all road surfaces.

Highway Engineering makes travel safer and more cost-effective for Tulsa County motorists and taxpayers. In addition to roadway maintenance, Highway Engineering maintains the Jenks and Haikey Creek levees, minimizing flood risks to thousands of Tulsa County homes and businesses.

Department Details

Highway Engineering has more than 100 employees in engineering, highway maintenance and its district shops.

Highway Engineering maintains 186 bridges, 684 miles of roadway, 7.8 miles of Jenks levee system and 1.2 miles of the Haikey Creek levee.

The Jenks and Haikey Creek levees protect more than 3,600 people, 1,760 structures and $438 million of property value, combined.

Contact Us

Alex Mills
County Engineer
918-596-5733 | engineering@tulsacounty.org

Tulsa County HQ
218 W. 6th St., 8th Floor
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119-1004
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