Tulsa County offers numerous services to its citizens to help them get married, travel, file homestead exemptions on their property taxes and more.  

Early Settlement Center for Mediation

The Early Settlement Center for Mediation program provides a confidential out-of-court mediation service to help settle disputes. More than 75% of the cases handled by Early Settlement allow both parties to reach a lasting, mutually acceptable resolution. Learn more.

Documents & Forms

Several key documents and forms are listed here. Please follow the directions when returning it to the proper entity.

Homestead Exemptions

The Tulsa County Assessor accepts homestead exemption applications for Tulsa County residents who own property in Tulsa County. Learn more.


Inspections issues building, electrical, zoning, mechanical, plumbing, house moving, earth change, and sign installation permits for Tulsa County. The division also administers and provides floodway and flood plain management rules and information. Learn more and see the fee schedule.

Land Records

The Tulsa County Clerk offers several options for obtaining land records, some of which are fee based. Learn more.  

Marriage Licenses & Passports

The Tulsa County Court Clerk provides marriage licenses and copies of marriage licenses and also serves as Passport Acceptance Office providing passports to the public.

Mortgage Affidavits

The Tulsa County Treasurer prepares mortgage affidavits, which are used to confirm certain property conditions.


Several of the most requested permits are listed below. Please follow the directions on the permit when returning it to the proper entity for approval.

Recycled Medication Program

The Recycled Medication Program, which transfers drugs from nursing homes to the Tulsa County Pharmacy, provides low or no-cost prescriptions to those who cannot afford them or are unable to obtain them. In 2020, the program recycled 8,924 prescriptions worth more than $1.1 million. Learn more.

Vendor Portal

Use the Tulsa County Vendor Portal to view current and past solicitations and to be notified via email when solicitations are advertised and awarded. See instructions for using the Vendor Portal.

Zoning Codes

The Indian Nations Council of Governments (INCOG) is responsible for the Tulsa Planning Office, which leads efforts for the City of Tulsa and unincorporated parts of Tulsa County and manages zoning codes. Learn more.

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