Tort Claims


Here you'll find information for how a citizen can file a tort claim against Tulsa County.

Directions for Filing

  1. Claim shall be typed if possible. If typing is not feasible, neat, legible hand writing may be substituted.
  2. Download Tort Claim Form - Use this form when submitting a claim.
  3. Follow the instructions on the form and complete all applicable sections.
  4. Please note that the form requires that you submit documentation of your claim. Please submit all documents requested.
    Oklahoma law requires documentation to support your tort claim.
  5. If the claimant is a business entity, like a corporation, LLC or the like, after you state your name, please add "on behalf of" and then identify the name of the entity on whose behalf you are filling out the claim form.
  6. No claim submitted on behalf of an entity will be processed without proper documentation of the agent's settlement authority. 
  7. The claimant shall sign and date the tort claim.
  8. The claimant shall file the tort claim in the office of the County Clerk by either:
    1. Submitting the tort claim in person.
    2. Mailing the tort claim in an envelope to the address below

Mailing Address for Filing

Notice of Tort Claim against Tulsa County
Tulsa County Clerk’s Office
218 W. 6th St., 7th Floor
Tulsa, OK 74119