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Poll Workers are vital to the election system! It is a fulfilling community experience. Do your part and work at the Polls!

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Requirements to become a Poll Worker

  • Be a registered Voter in Tulsa County
  • Be able to work an extremely long day. Workers are required to be at their assigned polling location at 6 a.m. on election day until at least 7 p.m. when the polls close, and all job duties are completed. Poll Workers are required by law to be at their assigned location the whole time (no split shifts, leaving early, or arriving late is allowed).
  • Have your own car.
  • Be able to communicate through email and text message as this is the primary way we stay in contact with our workers.
  • Attend a one-day training course.

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Job Descriptions


  • Picks up supplies and ballots from the Election Board office the day before the election and takes supplies and ballots to the poll on election day. Opens the poll.
  • Assists voters during election day and ensures ballots are processed correctly through the voting device.
  • Returns supplies, ballots and voting device on election night to the Election Board office.
  • Inspectors are paid $110 per election plus mileage.


  • Greets voters, verifies voter identification, and locates voters’ names on the Precinct Registry.
  • Processes voters during election day and communicates with Clerk to ensure voters are issued the correct ballots.
  • Judges are paid $100 per election. Mileage is paid if 20 miles or more is traveled round-trip.


  • Issues the appropriate ballots to voters.
  • Directs voters to voting booths and voting device.
  • Clerks are paid $100 per election. Mileage is paid if 20 miles or more is traveled round-trip.

Apply here! After submitting your application, the Precinct Official Department will be in contact with you soon.

Current Poll Workers

Introducing the Poll Workers Portal!

We are so excited to introduce the Poll Workers Portal to all of our workers! This new portal will be a great new tool that we know you’ll love!

With the Portal you can:

  • Sign up for training classes online!
  • See what training class you’ve scheduled.
  • Tell us which elections you are available to work!
  • See your current placement for election day!
  • Update your information.

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