Voter Registration FAQ

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You can find your representatives using the OK Voter Portal or you can call our office at 918-596-5780 and someone can assist you. 

You can use the OK Voter Portal to find your precinct number and a map to that location. Or you can call our office at 918-596-5780.

You can register to vote in three different ways.

1. You can use the OK Voter Portal Voter Registration Wizard, but you must sign, print, and mail or deliver the application to the Tulsa County Election Board at 555 N Denver Ave, Tulsa, OK 74103. 

2. You can register in person at the Tulsa County Election Board office at 555 N Denver Ave, Tulsa, OK 74103.

3. You can find a voter registration form at any Tag Agency, Post Office, or your local Library. 

You can call our office at 918-596-5771 and someone can assist you. 

To start a petition you must contact the Oklahoma State Election Board office at 405-521-2391.

It takes about 10 business days from the date our office has received your voter registration application or the date that you requested a new Voter ID card.

You may file a complaint with our office by calling 918-596-5780 or you can email us at electionboard@tulsacounty.org.

To find out if you are eligible to vote after being convicted of a felony call your probation officer or your local District Attorney. 

You can request a replacement Voter ID card by calling our office at 918-596-5771.

Absentee Voting FAQ

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To request an absentee ballot, voters should complete an absentee ballot application and return the application to the Tulsa County Election Board. 

Apply online through the OK Voter Portal here.

Download an Absentee Ballot Request Form to be completed, signed, and returned by mail fax, email (as an attachment), or in-person to the Tulsa County Election Board.

Voters can also contact the Tulsa County Election Board to mail or email an application to them. 

Absentee Department

Phone: 918-596-5767

Email: absenteevoting@tulsacounty.org

Fax: 918-596-4536

Mail: Tulsa County Election Board

555 N Denver Ave 

Tulsa, OK 74103


No, any registered voter in Oklahoma may vote by absentee ballot.

When you register for absentee, your name remains on the voting registry so if you decide to vote in person you can. At the polling location, they will know you requested absentee and will have you sign an affidavit that states you did not use the ballot that was mailed to you. They will issue you a new ballot. You will need to destroy the ballot that was mailed to you.

Either way is fine as long as you don’t vote both absentee and in-person. That would be a felony.

By law, “standard” absentee ballot affidavits are required to be notarized.

“Physically incapacitated” absentee ballots are available to those who are physically incapacitated and their caregivers. Their absentee ballot affidavit must have the voter’s signature witnessed by two people instead of a notary.

The Election Board can accept hand-delivered ballots as long as they are standard (with the yellow affidavit) and you are only delivering your own ballot. You will need to come inside and show your ID to verify that it is you delivering your own. Ballots should be completely assembled as if they were to be mailed. We are open eight to five, Monday through Friday at 555 N Denver Ave, Tulsa, OK 74103.

We have made two videos that walk through each step of how to vote and return an absentee ballot. 

Find the videos for a Standard Absentee Ballot (Yellow) and a Physically Incapacitated Absentee Ballot (Pink).

Polling Locations FAQ

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The residence address that you are registered under and where it is located within your precinct boundaries dictates which precinct you are allowed to vote in. The voting locations you are driving past are dedicated to another precinct, which may not have the same ballot style as your precinct.

No. By Oklahoma law voters must vote at their assigned polling location on election day based on which precinct boundaries your address is located within. Other precincts may have a different ballot style.

Polling locations are voluntary locations that allow the Tulsa County Election Board to use their facilities for the purpose of conducting elections. When these facilities no longer wish to be a polling location, we must find a new location within certain precinct boundaries to conduct elections.

Election Day Related FAQ

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After an election, we go through every precinct registry and enter every voter that signed the precinct registry to give everyone voter credit. We also enter in every voter who voted during early voting and who voted by absentee. After every voter is given voter credit in the system, we double-check for accuracy. For a larger election, this process could take up to a few weeks to complete.  

When you register you select which political party you want to be affiliated with. In the state of Oklahoma, there are three political parties- Democrat, Republican, and Libertarian. Independents are those who do not affiliate with a political party or who have selected “no party” on their voter registration application. To learn more about each of the political parties you can reach out to them individually.  

Unofficial results are available the night of the election as they are received by each precinct. For local elections, the results are certified the Friday after the election and then are official. For state or Federal elections, they are not official until the State Election Board certifies the results the week following the election. Click here to follow the results as they are uploaded.

Your voter credit will show up in the OK Voter Portal after the election. It could take up to 10 business days for your voter credit to be uploaded.

OK Voter Portal FAQ

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There are several possible reasons why you cannot find yourself on the OK Voter Portal. 

1. You entered information that is different than what is on your Voter Registration Application. 

2. If you just submitted a new Voter Registration Application it may not have been processed yet. 

3. You may not be currently registered in the State of Oklahoma and you may need to submit a new Voter Registration Application.

For any of these reasons, you may call our Voter Registration Department at 918-596-5771 and someone will be able to assist you. 

The reason your voter credit is not showing in the OK Voter Portal may be because we enter voter credit into our system by hand and double-check it before it is posted on the OK Voter Portal. For larger elections, it may take us a few weeks to have all of the voter credit entered and submitted due to the larger number of voters who voted in a single election. 

The Absentee Ballot tracker will not show if your absentee ballot has been counter before the day after an election. Absentee Ballots are processed up until 7 pm on election night and information about whether your ballot was counted or not won't be available until after the election. It can take a few days after the election for the OK Voter Portal to show that information.