June Real Estate Auction



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2022 Real Estate Auction

The Tulsa County Treasurer’s Office holds a real estate auction each year on the second Monday of June and continues from day to day thereafter until said sale has been completed.

  • Auction Date:  June 13, 2022

Click on the links below for information regarding the June Real Estate Auction:

Guidelines Governing the June Real Estate Auction - for information relating to participation in the sale.

Registration, Affidavit and Deed Information - to print and complete registration form.

List of Resale Properties - for a complete listing of properties available to be auctioned.

List of Paid or Removed Properties - for a listing of properties that are no longer available to be auctioned because payment has been made or the property has been removed.  Once this list becomes available, it is updated each Monday until the day of the resale.  Note:  You may need to refresh your browser for the latest list to be displayed.

Sale Location Map - for the designated sale location.