County Properties for Sale



Properties on this list were offered for sale due to delinquent taxes at a June Real Estate Auction.  These properties were not purchased therefore the county became the involuntary owner by default.  The Treasurer may sell these properties by auction upon approval of the Board of County Commissioners.

State law requires the county to maintain these properties.  It is our belief that properties can be more efficiently managed through private ownership.  One of the Treasurer’s primary goals is reduction of operating expenses of Tulsa County.  Aggressive marketing efforts have resulted in a large number of county owned properties being sold to the private sector and placed back on the tax rolls.  This has reduced operating expenses and increased revenue for public services.

The publication of this information through electronic means is part of a continuing commitment to sell these properties and improve efficiency wherever possible.

County Properties for Sale - a complete listing of properties available to be auctioned.

Guidelines for Purchasing County Properties - purchasing instructions.

Proposed Bid on County Property. - print and complete registration form.

For additional information please contact the Delinquent Tax Department at 918-596-5070.