Bruner Hill/Triangle Park



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227 N. 65th W. Ave. | Tulsa, OK 74127

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Bruner Hill was part of the land allotted to William "Billy" G. Bruner (1852-1952). He was born near this land before his family fled to Kansas after their defeat in a battle by the Confederate forces in December 1861. Children in the area told stories of how Mr. Bruner handed out coins to them at the first of each month.

Mr. Bruner was elected "Town King", the highest tribal office other than Principal Chief and Assistant Chief of the Nation. A Town King represented his tribal town in the House of Kings, the upper house in the National Council, or legislative body, of the Creek Nation. He held this office for 18 years. He also helped bring order to the frontier by serving as a member of the volunteer posse that brought down notorious gang members. ("Chronicles of Oklahoma", Vol. 30, 1951)

  • Covered Picnic Pavilion
  • Parking Lot
  • ADA Accessible Playground
  • Picnic Table & Grill
  • Small Green Space