Child In Need Of Supervision (CHINS)



The CHINS program is available to all families and individuals who are residents of Tulsa County. The CHINS program is comprised of two unique services for individuals who are in need of assistance from the Tulsa County Family Justice Center.

A. Referral of services: Parents are provided detailed and accurate information of services that could help their minor child or children. These referral services include Counseling services, group home information, inpatient hospital information, outpatient information, boarding schools, alternative schools, transitional living, Native American resources, Hispanic resources, GED/Job skills, drug testing services, domestic violence resources and teen pregnancy resources.

B. Petition (pick up order): This service provides an official pickup order signed by the appropriate officials to apprehend a juvenile who has been reported as a runaway. The pickup order will return the child to his/her home address or to Youth Services Shelter (1011 E. 4th St. Tulsa, Ok 74120), or the Community Intervention Center ( 911 Civic Center plaza Tulsa, Ok ), At no time will a juvenile be placed into detention on a CHINS pick up order. Pick up orders can only be issued after a child has been away from their home address for 24 hours or more. If a child is attending school on a daily basis a pick up order cannot be filed. In order for a pick up order to be filed on behalf of the parent the following steps must be followed. 1) Parent must fill out a face sheet for the juvenile child at the Tulsa County Family Justice Center (315 S. Gilcrease Museum rd. Tulsa, Ok 74127), 2) A registered runaway police report number must be issued and given to the parent by the Tulsa Police Department, 3) Parent must schedule an appointment with a CHINS counselor to sign the appropriate documents and receive pick up order number and copies.


CHINS is designed to help parents with children who have no delinquent offenses or currently have no open delinquent offenses. Participants of the CHINS program will not be able to see a Judge at any time due to the minor child not being in delinquent status. Parents and juvenile children will have no contact with a Judge at any time during the CHINS process. CHINS forms can be picked up at the front receptionist desk located at 315 S. Gilcrease Museum rd. Tulsa, Ok 74127. Once a CHINS face sheet is filled out by the parent a CHINS counselor has 48 hours to contact the family and set up an appointment at the Family Justice Center (except on weekends, and or holidays). This facet of the Family Justice Center is here to help parents and families. The referral services are positive alternatives to strengthen the family dynamic. We are dedicated to serving our community and inspiring one child at a time.