About the Family Center for Juvenile Justice


The Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice provides access to services for youth. These services include prevention, justice and treatment programs. The programs are provided in a fair, timely and appropriate manner. Youth and families are treated with dignity and respect. Our mission is improving our community through prevention, diversion, intervention and empowerment with the youth and families we serve.

In 1909, Oklahoma started one of the first juvenile courts. In 1950, The Tulsa County Juvenile Court was started in its own facility. This facility had a special juvenile judge. In 1968, the G.A. Bob Evans Juvenile Justice Center was built to house the courts and detain youth. Thanks to the generosity of Tulsa County tax payers, a new courthouse was built in 2019. The new facilities are designed to not only house the courts, but also provide a wide variety of trauma informed services for families coming into contact with the juvenile justice system. Some of the services now housed in the Family Center for Juvenile Justice include the Tulsa Area Community Intervention Center and a state of the art detention home which allows for the proper application of evidence based, trauma informed care youth placed in custody.

The Family Center for Juvenile Justice serves youth and families involved with the juvenile courts. Youth at risk of involvement are also served. The Family Center for Juvenile Justice serves more than four thousand youth and their families per year.