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Photo of two women working at a urinalysis machine.Court Services provides pretrial release options for defendants, diverting people from jail to more productive support programs.

Diversion programs save taxpayers on jail costs and provide better outcomes for people in the criminal justice process. In many cases, Court Services reunifies families, which can be severely impacted when a member is serving a jail sentence.

Department Details

Court Services has more than 30 employees who work in community service, office management, pretrial jail operations, GPS operations, pretrial court operations, Women in Recovery supervision, alcohol monitoring and UA testing, and administration.

Through Court Services, community service workers provided 21,346 hours of work in Tulsa County in 2020. Judges also used pretrial release functions for 1,262 defendants.

In 2020, 103 women entered the Women in Recovery program instead of jail.

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Mary McDonald
Chief Court Services Officer
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Tulsa County Courthouse
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