Open Records


Documentation that is not privileged, confidential or excepted from Oklahoma’s Open Records Act is available for inspection under appropriate supervision during normal regular business hours. If there are multiple requestees, one or more requestees may have to wait until an employee is available to oversee his or her Open Records Request.

Original records may be inspected, but they may neither be removed nor modified in any way.

Copies of any records will be reproduced for the requestee upon request and pre-payment of the following charges (or pre-payment of an estimate of the following charges if the exact amount of such charges is unknown – though, upon completion, the exact amount must be paid):

Type of Record
1. Paper Reproduction  
a. Legal sized or smaller (8 1/2 x 14 or smaller) $0.25 per page
b. Ledger sized (11 x 17) $0.50 per page
c. Certified Copy $1.00 per page
d. Paper larger than 11 x 17, microfilm, photographic paper or other specialty papers Direct cost of reproduction
2. Audio Cassette Reproduction Direct cost of media
3. CD or DVD Reproduction $1.00
4. Retrieval and Production of Electronic Records in Electronic Format Actual cost of specialty storage media and labor*
In addition to the above charges for reproduction, the Board of County Commissioners may also charge a reasonable fee to recover the direct cost of record search and copying for Open Records Requests made solely for commercial purpose, or that would clearly cause excessive disruption of the essential functions of the Board of County Commissioners.

*If a request to retrieve and produce electronic records in electronic format entails separating privileged and/or confidential records from records otherwise available under the Open Records Act, the cost of labor will include the reasonable cost for an attorney to review each record to ensure that privileged and/or confidential electronic records (or portions thereof) are redacted and not released to the public at large.

Approved: 9/25/2023 - CMF# 20231636

 Request for Copying/Inspecting Of County Public Records

Name of County Department  
Other Department 
Name of Requestor 
Employer of Requestor (if applicable)
Title or Business Identity
Copies of the following described records are requested pursuant to the Oklahoma Open Records Act 
This Request is made for 
 I have been advised that a charge for copying public records is authorized by state law.