District 3: Ron Peters


Commissioner Ron Peters has retired from a long career in public service. For the remainder of his term, he appointed Interim Commissioner Vicki Adams to fulfill all duties for Tulsa County’s District 3. Please contact Executive Assistant Patricia Lord at the email or number below for assistance.

Ron Peters received both his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Certificate of Management degrees from the University of Tulsa. As a native Tulsan, he appreciates the unique community spirit that makes Tulsa such a great place to live. He and his wife Bonnie have been married for 56 years, with two children, and six grandchildren, all who live in the Tulsa area.  Just another reason he wants to work to keep Tulsa County moving forward.


Ron has been involved in public service for the last 20 years. First as a State Representative for 12 years as a Tulsa County Commissioner since 2013. Prior to his public service work, Ron was co-owner of a public relations firm. Prior to that he worked for Cities Service Oil and Gas, and later Occidental Oil and Gas Companies (Oxy). While at Oxy, Ron directed their Government and Public Affairs efforts. 

Ron has served on the boards of many non-profits and is a tireless advocate for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect, as well as quality of end-of-life care for the terminally ill.

As a native Tulsan, Ron appreciates the unique community spirit that makes Tulsa County such a great place to be. Ron works to make sure there are abundant reasons for people to continue living and working in Tulsa County, as well as finding ways to attract new people to Tulsa County.

Areas of Focus

Within District 3, Ron’s focus has always been to make it a great place to live, work and raise a family. That means business-friendly policies and great recreational and educational opportunities. That also means focusing on the needs of his constituents by listening to their concerns about roads and bridges, business permitting needs and a myriad of concerns that have been expressed over the years.

Contact Us

918-596-5010 | rpeters@tulsacounty.org

Chief Deputy: Vicki Adams | 918-596-5010 | vadams@tulsacounty.org

Executive Assistant: Patricia Lord | 918-596-5011 | plord@tulsacounty.org

District 3 Highway Maintenance Supervisor: Robbie Thompson | 918-591-6130