Cremation & Burial Assistance: Pre-Screening Application


To qualify for cremation and/or burial assistance through Tulsa County Social Services, a caseworker will determine your eligibility through several steps, including the use of this pre-screening application.

If your pre-screening application is approved, your will need to visit the Tulsa County Social Services office. You, as the applicant, and all surviving family members must be low-income to qualify for cremation and/or burial assistance from Tulsa County Social Services.You will be required to provide documentation of your income as well as income for the decedent and all family members.

Application Process

Before filling out this application, you must first contact a funeral home on the county's monthly rotation schedule and receive a quote. If you do not know which funeral home to contact, the medical examiner (918-295-3400) or any hospital can provide you with information.

Once you have contacted a funeral home and received a quote, fill out all information below in the name of the deceased whom you are requesting assistance for.

Fill in all information to the best of your ability.


Call 918-596-5560 with questions about this program or the pre-screening application.

If approved for cremation/burial assistance through Tulsa County Social Services