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Photo of a woman working in a pharmacySocial Services provides life-sustaining, basic services to low-income residents of Tulsa County. The department’s focus is on providing basic necessities to those who need it most, saving taxpayers from more costly outcomes when community members fall on difficult times.

Social Services provides health care through a free medical clinic and low-to-no-cost prescriptions through an on-site pharmacy.

Other programs include food assistance, burial services and a homeless shelter that focuses on homeless families with children.

Department Details

Social Services has more than 25 employees working in the clinic, pharmacy, shelter and administration.

Social Service’s George Prothro, MD Pharmacy was the first of its kind in the nation to repurpose unused, unexpired medications from long-term living facilities. The pharmacy has filled 261,055 prescriptions with these unused medications free-of-charge with a wholesale value of $26.7 million.

The pharmacy program has inspired similar programs in small and large communities across the nation and even internationally.

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Tulsa County Social Services
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